Monday, November 4, 2013

Not loving the time change

Fall is my favorite season, it really is. The leaves are crispy, the sky is extra blue, and the heat finally fades off. And the days get short

I haven't posted much lately, primarily because this is supposed to be a blog about riding, and hours spent on top have totaled zero for way too long.  I've missed it, and felt guilty about not checking in - although not as guilty as I have about the four-foots going unridden.

On the plus side, I may have finally found someone to at least contact about lessons.  On the downside, the drive will be longer than ideal.  Still debating whether to take the plunge now or wait until spring....

At any rate, my new goal is to get back to posting.  With that in mind, a quick recap of the missing weeks to follow shortly.  For now, having morning chores done and supper in the crockpot, it's me for coffee, shower and the drive to work.   Because paychecks are good things.