(Flaming Stars Thunder)

8 year old half-Arab Gelding

Thunder is Sunny's half-brother (same sire).  He's taller, longer bodied, and much, much smoother.  He's affectionate and friendly with women, but a bad experience with a male veterinarian as a weanling has left him leery and suspicious of strange men.
Thunder wasn't started until 2012, although I poked around on him a bit in the pasture prior to his formal training.  His breeder sold her mares and stopped breeding in early 2000, and he was her last horse.  When T and I moved to South Dakota in 2012, she gave him to me so that he wouldn't be an "only."

Since Sunny's hock issues and conformation make him more suited for a trail horse, Thunder is going to be my hunt seat horse.  He just doesn't know it yet

Quirks:  Thunder is a perpetual snorter.  He snorts when he's interested, when he's nervous, when he's working...  his name really should have been "Snort!"

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