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Mabel, Snowball, Nu-Nu


Mabel is a passed along cat.  She was originally a stray adopted by one of T's sister's friends.  She then ended up with T's sister who kept her until they moved to an upstairs apartment.  Mabel persisted in letting herself out the window, and ended up with T's mom.  Unfortunately, T's mom's dog kept trying to eat her and she ended up relegated to the basement.  That lasted until we visited over one holiday, and she ended up coming home with us.  She made the long ride back to SD comfortably ensconced on my down jacket, not concerned about the car noise in the least.

Mabel enjoys snoozing by any dependable heat source, bouncing off our heads in the morning to let us know that it is NOW time to get up and feed the cat! and poking her nose into whatever interesting project the humans are up to.  She will happily sit under a (running) table saw, and when she has something to complain about, sits in the bathtub where her voice will echo nicely so that we're sure to hear her.

Mabel is our oldest cat at, we're guessing, around 11.


T found Snowball as a tiny, tiny kitten in the back of a Humvee one drill weekend a couple years before we met.  She and her litter mates had been abandoned/lost their mother.  He ended up with her, and since she was raised by a human, she had no idea she could do that angry cat screaming noise until we brought Mabel home.  She's a cuddler, and likes to snuggle her nose tight into your arm.  Laps are especially attractive if they come covered in fuzzy afghans.  

Her name is my husband's fault.  He really liked the idea of a coal black cat named Snowball. 


Nu-Nu is another pass-along cat.  She was adopted from the pound by another of T's sister's families, and at the time she had a serious weight problem.  After a strict diet, she has a lot of extra skin but she no longer looks like a furry pumpkin with legs, head and tail stuck on.

Unfortunately, their boys developed an allergy and she, like Mabel, ended up with T's mom.  Whose dog once again tried to eat her.  Like Mabel, she ended up in the basement.  Unlike Mabel, Nu-Nu was not brave enough to try venturing upstairs, and she was not very happy in the basement.  And once again, a holiday visit resulted in us going home with a cat.  This time, on my lap for the majority of the way.

 Nu-Nu is a lap cat.  She is, in fact, curled into a ball in my lap as I write this.  She's perfectly content to spend hours - more hours than anyone should spend sitting down - sprawled contentedly in my lap, and she'll follow me around the house meowing at me if she hasn't had enough lap time.  

Nu-Nu was strictly an indoor cat prior to living with us, and has only in the last 6 months discovered that she likes hunkering down on the front steps in the sun and watching the world go by.

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falconfeathers said...

surely there is a story behind "snowball's" name?