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When we moved to Kansas and out to the farm, T and I made plans to acquire some outside cats.  Two of our three are declawed in front (not our idea, they came that way), and only one of them is comfortable outside - not the one with claws.  So we wanted a few mousers to help keep the rodent population in check.

Little did we know that the local cat population already had the situation well in hand, and we were being scouted...  Other people may have dogs that escort them to the mailbox.  We now have cats :)

In order of appearance:

Cat 1 - Rattle

Cat 1 appeared as a half-grown (now ex-)tomHe showed up while we were still working on the house, and of course I started feeding him.  He was incredibly vocal, but stand-offish.  But he looked like he wanted to be friends.  Once we were down here, he followed me around at a distance, yowling at me any time I was outside.  And once he broke the ice, he decided people - at least one of them - are wonderful and deserve lots and lots of his attention.

He's now thoroughly friendly, at least with me and has graciously agreed to be Granary Guardian - a very important job, since that's where the horses' feed and my tack is stored.

All Hail the Protector of the Tack!

Cat 2 - Squeak

Squeak is was also a tom.  (I didn't name him.  I'll own up to the other two, though.)  He was full grown and territorial, and he'd chase Rattle whenever he saw him.  (Rattle spent a lot of time up a handy tree those first few months.)  Over time, Squeak has gotten much more friendly, to the point he's more often underfoot than not, and even escorts us up to the south pasture and back every morning and evening trip.

"Helping" in the workshop

(Squeak has also gotten his ride to the vet, a clean bill of health, has had all his shots, and will not be responsible for any more kittens.)  

After a busy morning checking fence

Cat 3 - Silence  Sweetie, a.k.a. Grey Kitty

Initially, she was a blip.  A racing, shadow that you caught out of the corner of your eye and weren't really sure you were seeing a cat, or something else.  Gradually she started to stay in sight mornings for food.  Very tentatively.  At a safe distance, and with an eye peeled to bolt if I looked too long in her direction...  We resorted once again to the live trap, no kittens are in her future and she's had her vaccinations.  Trappers are us!


Unfortunately, unlike the boys, she remains convinced I'm trying to kill her.

She prefers to be decorative.

From a safe distance.

 People - no good can come of them!

Motor would have been cat number seven.  A gangly yellow tom, he turned up at the door one of the hottest days of the summer, convinced we should let him in and love him.  He immediately adopted my niece who was visiting from out of state.  Long-story-short, after his trip to the vet, he ended up the proud owner of his very own little girl.  It's quite the story, but will be told another time :)

Motor, making himself right at home
Walter , the new cat seven, (and cranky, cranky, cranky) is yet to be live-trapped.  A large, fluffy-tailed, very loud tom, he's been a on-again off-again visitor for the past few months.  I'm hoping once we get him caught, neutering him will result in an attitude adjustment and permanent residence. Fingers crossed.  

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Finally have had the time to check out your new pages! Really like this idea to showcase all the horses and cats. How'd you do it? lol