8-12 year old part-Arab, grade gelding

Rufus is T's horse.  When we acquired Amyra she was only a yearling, much too young for riding.  T hadn't ridden in years, and wanted a solid, steady trail horse.  We got... Rufus.  He's an indeterminate age, probably between 8 and 12 or so.  There's definitely a lot of Arab (and I think some Morgan) in his background, which in South Dakota knocked his value down quite a lot.  When we got him he was barn sour, not terribly friendly, and he had a nasty sore on one back leg. 

But he was sound, had a sweet face and a kind disposition once he warmed up to his new people and surroundings, and T fell for him right away.

On the road
A couple years later, he's no longer barn sour - herd bound, that's another story....  But he's proved to be a perfect horse for T.  He loves moving cows, tolerates the mistakes a novice rider makes without flicking an ear, and puts up with just about anything with equanimity.  I've quite being surprised when he handles something - like T's duster - with absolutely no fuss whatsoever.  Sunny would freak. 

With Eyore, the tail eater
Rufus is the low horse in the herd pecking order, and his tail hasn't regrown yet from the not-so-kind attentions of Eyore the donkey, a previous pasture-mate. 


falconfeathers said...

Thanks for your comments and support!
I don't think I will ever truly be an endurance person now...Something always keeps happening to prevent me from doing it as well other than two LD's...but that is ok, I like the concept of long trail rides in the wilderness.

Your pics are great-that one above looks like something out of Lawrence of Arabia! : )

Stay warm!

SunnySD said...

Hey, Kim - thanks for stopping by. Planning for anything involving horses sure seems to involve a lot of bumps in the road, doesn't it? I finally decided that the horses don't care, so I might as well grin and enjoy the ride :)

I'll pass along the Lawrence of Arabia comment to T. He'll get a huge kick out of it!