(FlamingStars Sundance)

10 year old half-Arabian gelding


Two-Years Old
Acquired as a long yearling, but I saw him still wobbly on the day he was born.  He's short, round and opinionated.

Mere hours old
He's suffered through hunt seat and jumping lessons, gone trail riding in South Dakota's Badlands, moved a few cows (under duress, 'cause that's a lot like work, don'tcha know), and happily wears reindeer antlers when asked.

More water, please
Sunny's not my first horse, but he's the first horse I bought and paid for.  He's my trial and error, clicker-trainee.  He's the one I hop on with a halter and lead and poke around the pasture on.   

Best qualities: He tolerates my whims and is always willing to try something new - especially if there's the possibility of something edible in the offing.
Trail ride in the Badlands
ponied as a two-year old

Worst qualities: He's bossy and pushy with the other horses, and with people if he thinks he can get away with it. 

Challenges: Sunny has capped hocks which makes him stiff in back, and his round frame and mutton withers make saddle fit a nightmare.  He'll never make a top quality show horse - good thing I have no aspirations in that direction! 
Run Sheep, Run!

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