Monday, May 16, 2011

Now doesn't that...

Look better?
Sunny's 95% winter-coat free -
it's amazing what a change grass and
and a few days of sunshine makes.

No riding this weekend. I had the house to myself and good intentions, but between the rain on Saturday, HS graduation parties and housework, I snagged an hour or so to do some brushing, but not much more. But change is coming... hopefully soon I'll have the ponies at mercy 7 days a week again (if still not quite at my doorstep). I can't wait!


Tammy said...

Oh, I want so bad to put them on pasture but things are just so late this year. One pasture is no where near ready and the other could use another week... but I'm tempted. Love when they are finally shed out.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Green grass and sunshine at home?

Didn't think it was ever going to roll around. ;-)

SunnySD said...

It's sure been a struggle for Mother Nature to locate two nice days to string together this spring! Here's hoping it stays this way for a while.

Sarah said...

I was wondering if the horses in our area were shed out yet! Glad they are! I'm looking forward to seeing sleek shiny ponies when I get home in a few weeks. Curious if Sky's winter shed left him with his coming gray color or if he's still got his coltish black on.

SunnySD said...

I'm never sure if the shiny spring coat or the newly fuzzy fall caterpillar coat is my favorite horsewear - they're so plushy then. But when the sun hits them in the spring... I think I just like looking at them, period!

Looking forward to hearing if your ponies are shedding out yet - it's been a slow spring here, that's for sure :)