Monday, June 13, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation, pt. 1

A lot of this spring's melt ended up in our basement.

Thankfully, I have wonderful parents who don't mind giving up their time to assist in major construction projects, and what started out a wet, mildew-y mess of constant seepage...

Apparently the initial stages were too depressing -
I don't appear to have any pictures!

partway through

...ended up with a completely revamped basement. Removing two walls, blocking off a hallway to create this lovely bookcase, and putting in floating benches for added storage transformed this whole space. I felt like I was on one of those Home & Garden network shows! My dad is amazing.

Special bonus prize!

He also mounted saddle racks - I now have a lovely, dry space to store a LOT of tack.

In between helping us downstairs, my mom reorganized closets, dusted, cleaned and fed us - I'm exhausted all over again just thinking about how much we accomplished in the last several weeks!

On the pony front...

These two ladies will make a pretty team, don't you think? The last of the mares, they're heading for a new home this week.

Getting an EHV-1 booster and worming out of the way

I would have had the farrier out, too, but wanted the booster out of the way before we introduced any new germs, so they'll be going to their new home slightly long-toed, but protected.

I snagged a few minutes on board - Sunny has had almost a month completely off, and he's getting more than a bit tubby on all that green grass. There's some serious riding in his future, but unfortunately not for another month or so.

Sunny being a gentleman with my mom

I'd hoped we could get at least one trail ride in. Unfortunately, days just seemed to race by. They're back at home, and I'm back at work. Vacation always seems like a different world, even when I don't actually go anywhere...

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