Friday, August 5, 2011


One saddle!

Hooray!  I've had my Simco Arabian saddle down at the local western store for a couple months now, and I haven't had a chance lately to stop in and see if they'd managed to sell it.  Between the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo and Main Street's Crazy Days in July, they get a lot of customers, and I've been crossing my fingers someone would see it and fall in love.  I was in last weekend, and I didn't see it, but they were super busy and the two ladies working were swamped, so I didn't ask.

T stopped in on Monday, and they have a check for me - a bit less than they'd listed it at originally, but even with their commission taken out, it should be more than my minimum, I think.  And a bargain for whoever got it - Simco doesn't make that exact model anymore, but it's probably closest to their Working Arabian saddle, or to this one with the silver laced cantle, but without the tooling.  I bought it used in excellent condition a couple of years ago and put a few more miles on it, but the gelding I bought it for sold.

It's a nice, light, solid, well-made saddle, perfect for trail and/or local showing - and you know what?  I absolutely hated riding in it.   Strike 1, on Sunny, it rolled even worse that the saddle I'm currently using; strike 2, the swells were nearly non-existent.  I don't like the bear-trap style saddles, but I do like something in front of my leg.  Sitting in it always made me feel as if someone was getting ready to push the "LAUNCH" button.

Anyway, I now have one less saddle to store, and some extra cash to spend...  I feel some tack store retail therapy coming!   :)

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Tammy said...

Yeah! Don't you hate it though when you have a saddle you like but it just doesn't work. I've had that before, too. Some regret selling but the cash in hand is very nice!