Sunday, April 15, 2012

Horizontal rain

Poor ponies!  We really needed the rain, but the hail and wind we could do without.  Driving out, sheets of wet weren't so much beating down as sweeping horizontally southward.  When I got to the farm the boys were tucked in butts to the grain bin for a wind break.  Sunny'd managed to strategically position himself on the concrete pad in front of the waterer so that he could avoid standing in the mud. 

He usually greets me with a token whinny to acknowledge my arrival and inform me of his interest in whatever I might (or rather should) be bringing him.  Today he shrilled four or five times, announcing in no uncertain terms his disgust with the weather - an imperative demand that I do something about it soon.

I fed them, which seemed to satisfy him.  Although they both sort of sidled and backed their way over to the feeder.  I came home covered in hay and soggy from the neck up and thighs down.  At least what was under the raincoat was dry.

According to the weatherman, the thunderstorms are supposed to shift out and the sideways stuff will become just steady rain by late afternoon. As I write this it's nearly 7:30, and it's steady, alright, but still more right to left than straight down.

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