Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We have left! Left lead, that is.

Horse trailer is clean - at least the horse part.  I still have work to do on the tack area.  I put in an easy half hour on Sunny yesterday.  Ended up trying T's old western saddle on him, instead of the all-purpose.  With the weight he's put on, my western saddle is too narrow for his shoulders.  I was hoping maybe the T's saddle would work a bit better.

I had my wish for more breeze - it was a perfect day for riding.  In the 70's with a gusty, cool wind that was just enough to keep the bugs off.  Sunny was a touch amped, but we did lots of bending and trotting and bending and spirals and bending and...  you get the picture.

Eventually, when I felt like he was actually paying attention, I asked him for a left lead canter.  The first couple of times he gave me right, but third time's the charm.  A few canter transitions in both directions and he gave me correct leads each time, so the adjustment seems to have helped. I'll ride again today and hopefully tomorrow, and I have a lesson with Eric and Buddy on Friday.  I'm taking Sunny along and the plan is to just work him in the arena and see how he's going after three days of riding.

I finished up with some side-passing, turns on the haunches, and some stationary lateral flexing.  Sunny's stretching around really well in both directions again!  I called it good at half an hour or so with a much more cooperative and settled pony.

No ride for Thunder yesterday - I'd forgotten my sunblock and was starting to feel crispy.  Nobody was home, either, so rather than push my luck and my lobster-status, I settled for groundwork in the shade with him before I called it quits for the day. 

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