Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On the up side of Sunny

Sunny and Thunder didn't lack for attention while I was gone.  My folks kindly took over the evening check & fly spray routine, and provided status reports.

I've been toying with doing this weekend's open show in Sioux Falls with Sunny, but I'm not sure we've had enough saddle time lately. I rode Monday and could definitely tell Sunny'd had a break.

Thunder supervised
Sunny wanted to go around with his nose poked out, and it took a while before he settled down.  Not helping matters, there was something of great interest and possible scariness going on out of sight over the hill in the cattle pasture.
Attention definitely not on me
Lots of mooing and baaing and loudness, answered with interest from the cows in the pasture across the road to the east.  As it turned out, the sheep had escaped into the cattle pasture and were celebrating

by bouncing all over the place, to the dismay of the cows.

 Every time we passed by that side of the field Sunny wanted to turn into a counterbent U so he could gawk.

I rode for about 40 minutes, working on bending and softness and did plenty of big circles and spirals through all three gaits.  Not much canter, but enough to pick up and hold both lead.  Pudgy as he is, Sunny was sweaty - so was I - it was hot! - but not puffing when we finished.

Mom hopped on for a few minutes, too and I got to catch her on camera for a change! LOL!


Kellie said...

That is nice you have your folks to help out. We've had a hard time finding someone to take care of our animals.

Nose in the air and bouncing all over gawking at scarry stuff is a pain.

SunnySD said...

It's been fabulous having them here - ordinarily they're several states away, but they were able to stay a bit longer this visit.