Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heat advisory 'til Saturday at 9 PM

They do have shade...
Not that they seem disposed to stand in it.  It was 103' when I checked in on them at 4:30 this afternoon.  They were dozing on the hill in the sunshine.  I had the windows down on the truck, and I could hear Sunny's high, squeak of a whinny peel out as soon as I shut the engine off. 

One coating of fly-spray later Sunny shifted himself enough to start grazing.  Thunder leaned his head against me while I rubbed his ears, then followed Sunny's example, both of them still in the sun.  There's perfectly nice shade, complete with what little breeze was blowing, available, but will they stand in it?  Of course not.

C called me a few minutes ago to offer me an extra ticket to the rodeo tonight.  She's in the queen contest.  The temp is all the way down to 102'.  Much as I enjoy a night at the rodeo... I'll be crossing my fingers for her from here, but I'm just not up for it. 

Much as I loved having a beautiful, warm winter without a single month I couldn't ride outside in, I'd happily go back and trade it for several feet of snow and sub-zero. 

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Kellie said...

I agree, it's too darn HOT!! I can't imagine either being in a rodeo or watching one with those kind of temps. Hope you get some cooler temps soon.