Sunday, June 2, 2013

High on Thunder

Saturday was lovely once the clouds finally cleared and the wind slowed down.  We saddled Sunny and Thunder and did some more circles (my dad despairs of us ever leaving the lot).   But since Thunder, like Amyra, hasn't been ridden since last fall and unlike Amyra, only had the benefit of 45 days of professional anything...  I think we won't be venturing into the larger world for at least a little while.

Unlike Amyra, Thunder was not at all worried about saddling or even being ridden.  His attitude was such that I had no issues walking him out into the lot, checking the cinch, and stepping on.  He's nowhere near as responsive as Amyra is because he knows next to nothing, but he's a good sport about it.  Although we did have one minor go-round about 10 minutes in when he decided he was done.  

Which in Thunder body-language consists of planting himself and refusing to move.  When it appeared that the balking might get more assertive and turn into backing up, I got off and moved his feet on the lunge line.


Which at one point probably looked more like him lunging me, since he'd apparently forgotten how to go around clockwise.  If we looked half as ridiculous as I felt, it should have been pretty entertaining.

But I won and he went for a spin.  Just long enough to get his feet rehooked to his brain, and since he showed no sign of having any airs above the ground on his mind, I got back on.  And off we went.  Total work time maybe 45 minutes, but a good start.

It's very odd riding him after riding Amyra.  Neither of them feel bucky.  They both listen.  But he just feels steady, even though he has very little clue what anything means.  Amyra waits anxiously for any kind of communication that makes sense.  When she does eventually relax she's really responsive, but she sure doesn't give off the calm vibe he does.  On the plus side, they both stop very well.

We'd planned to ride all four of them today, but an auction and evening company waylaid us.  The auction had continuous fence panels, gate panels, a bale fork and a couple of fork-lift attachments advertised.  

I came home with a saddle yeah, yeah, I know - like I need another one of those and two emergency battery power packs.

The saddle will, I hope, fit short-backed, round bodied horses.  It's definitely an older model and it's seen better days, but it's solid.  Pictures to follow at some point when I haven't had too much sun and several hours of company.   Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Kellie said...

That is great that Thunder was so solid. Sure he may not know much but that's ok, sounds like he'll be an easy learner.

I'm sure once you get some more time on Amyra she'll settle out and hopefully be less anxious (fingers crossed anyhow :)

It's hard to have so many horses that need to be ridden. I've had that problem before and still occasionally do. Funny how that works.

Here's to some calmer weather patterns coming our way. All this extreme weather has sure been a pain.

SunnySD said...

I sure hope he stays that quiet! I do think Amyra will settle, at least tonight was promising. Like you say, fingers crossed!

Sounds like you guys have had enough rain to last you for a while. Definitely ready to be done with the severe stuff.