Friday, July 3, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

No one's snoring here, though. I just discovered the living room wall is running water. The roof is on the agenda this summer. I think it just moved up to the top of the list. Bleh.... When it slows down a bit I'll have to go check the gutters on that side.

So... my packing for Sunday is mostly accomplished. I have to figure out what work clothes to take yet, and double-check my list again. I'd hoped it would be nice today and we could get Rufus moved, but instead I'm staying busy with house cleaning. The cats are thrilled - NOT! They migrated downstairs to get away from the vacuum.

T & kids headed for Kansas to spend the 4th. Sure has been a lot of packing & unpacking going on here lately!

But I had a nice treat to break up my packing & cleaning - a friend from... wow, kindergarten on (!) and her family stopped by on their way back from the Black Hills. Her boys are getting so big! They couldn't stay long, unfortunately, as they had a long drive ahead of them, but it was great to see them, and the boys had a chance to let off some steam from hours in the car.

Yesterday was garden day and new shocks for the Blazer. And I mowed. We also got Rufus wormed. He needs a 4-way and his West Nile, too, but the vet clinic was closed by the time we headed that way, and TSC was out of 4-way again. Rufue was very polite about the wormer and continues to not mind being sunblocked. Amyra was not thrilled to have her coating applied. I suppose it must smell bad, although it doesn't seem to me to have much odor.

Sunny, Thunder and the girls are all fat and sassy. I think Sunny was disappointed not to be heading out for a ride, as he whinnied after me as I left.

You know, it really sucks
to finally have two horses ready to go
and not be able to ride when I want!!


Anonymous said...

Ick about that leak! You sound very, very busy - good luck with that!

Breathe said...

I hate leaks. Usually they are so hard to find, but it sounds like yours won't be too tough to locate!

Hang in there...

SunnySD said...

Hopefully cleaning out the gutters took care of it and/or we won't have lots of rain for a few days until we can get the roof tackled!