Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oops - wrong location!

I said SD State Fair was a possibility for showing this fall, didn't I? We've taken horses up to the Arab show there several times over the years - in fact I spent my "honeymoon" there, but that's a story for another day....

Well, unfortunately, the SD State Fair runs the week before Labor Day, and classes are in session then, so I'm definitely working and so is T. But a closer look this morning (I'm a bit more awake) proved the fair booklet to be for the Sioux Empire Fair which runs the second week of August when I am off. The Arab show there is a Class A, sanctioned show. :(

We're definitely not ready for that one! And I tend to have issues with cost - not how much they charge per se, but how much it costs me! Since I rarely show and if I do, it's for fun and the experience is good for the horses, but I don't actually expect to win anything, I don't feel I need to spend an arm and a leg on it. Maybe someday!

But in addition to the Arab show, the POA show, the AQHA show and the Morgan show, the hunter/jumper show, oh, and did I mention the miniature horse show? They also have an open show with reasonable class entry fees. An added benefit? T could take Rufus, too, if he wanted to, rather than just Amyra and Sunny being eligible.

We'll see...


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Living in Aberdeen, I'm sure there are going to be weekends where you won't get home this winter-LOL. But, glad it sounds like you are going to like your job.

I say go for the open show. Why not? It'll be fun if you and hubby can show together.

My Honey is getting interested in team roping. Go figure! He's been with me for going on 8 years now and hasn't been terribly interested in the horse deal, but now that a friend of his is getting back into team roping-bought the horse, the horse trailer and now a new arena and will be getting cattle soon. Honey man is amped for me to get my black mare up and riding for him.

Anonymous said...

I just love the pix of your nuzzling ponies on your last blog! It relaxes me, just looking at it.