Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oops - my mistake!

Alert reader Summer Girl commented regarding yesterday's Friday Book Review of Billy Collin's Nine Horses. The horses on the cover are apparently NOT dead. She informs me the shots were compiled from works by the photographer Eadweard Muybridge. Hmmm... Well, couldn't prove it by me. The cover art for the book was designed by Barbara M. Bachman, according to the front matter, but if the original images are part of Muybridge's work, I stand corrected.

They look less than lively. But the possiblity that they were alive and kicking, at least at the time the photographs were taken, is certainly more pleasant than the alternative!

Do be sure to check out the link to Eadweard Muybridge, by the way. He's evidently responsible for developing a motion picture technique that answered "the galloping question."


buckpony said...

Hi Sunny!
Thanks for checking in - the fence is looking's amazing what a lot of nagging can do - and since it's not really a "horse fence" per-say, it will have 3 strands of hot wire behind it. It should keep the ponies in...but maybe I shouldn't say that because I will jinx myself...

How are things with you? How is your new job? I saw your hubby got a horse - how exciting that you guys can share the horse experience now.

It's great to hear from you. Thanks again for checking in!

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