Monday, August 24, 2009

Views from Saturday

No riding this weekend. :(

On the productive side of things, we did reinforce a gate - several of the more adventurous idgits discovered that one of the gates at the west end of one divided pasture was not live - unbeknownst to me, since in general G does the moving around of pasture-grazing areas. He ran a single wire across, and didn't connect the electricity for whatever reason. Of course, once they determined that they could get under without getting zapped, that's exactly what they did. But could they walk back under to get out? Nope.Instead, they walked to the east end of the field and waited at that gate to be rescued. Sigh. So we added a couple of wires and some plastic bags, and they seemed to be discinclined to revisit the issue. (We need to sink a new corner post up there as well, which is why we didn't just make the gate wire hot.)

Reunited with the three that stayed on the right side of the fence, the gate crashers were very happy to head up for a drink. After we did the gate thing and the fly-spray thing, we left them to resume grazing and headed out to do a bit of fishing.
Sunday we wormed, which was ever so much fun, since it was windy and storm-threatening. Out of the eight, three were good - as expected. One who is usually not at all fun was a breeze (shock!), and four could have been a lot better. I really need to spend a couple of hours doing the syringe with applesauce thing. On the plus side, I only ended up wearing a tiny bit of wormer this time, and not most of a tube like usual.

And that's the horse activity for last weekend. I am informed that T has been riding and checking on the four-feets, and all is well thus far. Darn, I hate being horse deprived during the week!

School has started for H, and M is back in CT with his mom, so no more fishing and riding with the boy until next summer :( Hopefully, he'll still be as excited about it then! The house is going to feel awfully empty this weekend with one less person in it. (Teenage girls occupy lots of space, too, but the area around them tends to be rather more drama filled!! LOL)

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