Monday, December 21, 2009

Waterer is open for business!

Thanks everyone for your kind words & thoughts regarding our watering situation. Believe it or not, five days later the vet had still not reappeared to fix/drag 0ff/collect his chute. Giant black mark, in my book! Granted, he's not a horse vet, but still - Hello! you'd think he'd have a little consideration for the rest of the four-footed world, wouldn't you?

I was really stressing over what to do about the water situation, as I'm back up here and T was heading down south for a few days, and I've heard "well, they can eat snow" from the farm owners on occasion before. Thankfully, G was on board with "the horses need water" line of thinking. T headed out early this a.m. and with the (newly returned - HOORAY) big tractor, he and G dragged the chute out of the way.

Whew! That also means bales can be moved and I can panic over something else (like the fact that T's ex is visiting over Christmas....). Ah well. At least that's just a people thing and doesn't involve possible colic and death! :)

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Kate said...

Glad the water situation is sorted - that should make things a little bit easier!