Saturday, January 16, 2010

No cows for me

Cow moving started bright and early. T gets to have the fun - unfortunately, H has Saturday school and somebody needed to get her there. (Apparently, if you decide to take two lunches instead of one because your friends all have the second one, you get an unexcused absence - well duh! That plus two tardies and you get to spend Saturday doing homework with a teacher. Kind of seems like punishment for the teacher, too, if you ask me.)

Anyway, since it's the vet (where Rufus is staying) whose cows they're moving, T got the long straw and I got to play chauffeur.

So I'm at home working on funeral scalloped potatoes and ham (one of T's friends lost his mother late this week), dishes, and bread baking. My horse time will be this afternoon. Sunny and I are going to bust through a few drifts - at least that's the goal.


Anonymous said...

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TCavanaugh said...

I think I prefer moving the cows to making the potatoes and ham. Good for you getting in your horse time in the snow. I am terrible and don't get back out until late spring.