Friday, January 15, 2010

Sharing is good

Pennie, Sahara, Star, Thunder, Amyra, Sunny

That's the gang, minus two at one of the tire feeders. New bale tonight. I can tell when they've been waiting to be fed, because Sunny gets possessive of the feeder, but tonight they were almost all squeezed in peacefully.

You know how the media a couple times a winter cover stories about kids getting their tongues stuck to street signs and bicycle racks shades of A Christmas Story? (And we won't mention snow plows. Nope, not a word about them!)

Ever wonder why livestock don't get their tongues stuck to things?
For some reason the snow on the bale fork was mighty darn appealing to these two. Silly!

And speaking of silly - you don't dare leave laundry unattended for long around here this time of year.
I went downstairs to grab the rest of the load out of the dryer and came back to find what I'd just brought up occupied. She was snoring.

Tomorrow we're helping friends move cows. If I can manage the camera and the horse at the same time, hopefully I'll have pictures.


Tammy said...

I love moving cattle. Its been a long time. There is mostly cropland around us and the herds of cattle there are go from pasture to cropland - same section, it seems. We got all excited once when our own 3 head got out and went a mile & we got to herd them back! Have fun!

TCavanaugh said...

I have the same question...why don't the livestock get their tounges stuck? Love the pics of your horses and your blog!