Sunday, March 14, 2010

SD water features

This much snow...2/21/10
Has to go somewhere.

Warmer weather means it's melting. That's the good news portion of the programming. The week of rain we've had that's helped it go? That's the bad news.

We took a drive yesterday afternoon, checked on Rufus and meandered around the countryside at bit after.

In some spots it's a fairly normals spring. A bit wet, but some spots there's always water during melt. In others...

They posted a warning on the high road to the farm we take when the snow blows in badly. It passes through a marsh area just before the next crossroad west, and the water's up just a touch.

Farther down the blacktop...Enemy Creek - the runoff culverts aren't big enough this year.

Driving back we angled across on the back roads
with a detour here or there.

Water at the farm is up, too. The driveway remains passable for now, although there's a very nice pond forming at the base of the drive.

G cut in some drainage. They've never needed a culvert, but this year would be one to have one.

Up on the hill, this little rivlet runs right down through the trees...
And straight through the bottom of the horse lot.

I did some trenching Friday afternoon, and so far it's draining nicely. The bottom is sandy, and it's only a bit over ankle deep...

Now that it has somewhere to run to.

'Myra says...
"Make it stop raining now, 'kay?"

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