Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still here

Not sure exactly what I've spent the last two weeks doing - well, I know, but it's not anything interesting - but it obviously hasn't been posting!

Here's a rundown of recent events:
  • horses (not-so-crazy week of mud (!), melting, and shedding
  • work (crazy week leading up to spring break)
  • home (crazy week leading up to 15th birthday for H)
I have pictures to go with most of those, but the USB-thingy is still out in the car....

Basically, it's been a non-starter of a fortnight horse-wise.

T is hunting a new saddle which will hopefully a) fit Rufus, b) fit him, and c) not cost an arm and a leg. I think I may have convinced him not to get too attached to the lovely, new, (and extremely dear) 16" Colorado roping saddle the guy at the tack shop was trying to sell him. He has the option of trying it first, which is good, but the price tag made him gulp (me, too!), although it really wasn't out of line for a quality new saddle.

I'm just not convinced we can't find him a good used saddle that will meet all his criteria. We're going to do some more active looking locally first - at least that's my intention!

Other than that, things are wet, rainy, foggy, and - hooray! - above freezing!


prairierunner said...

Saddle shopping's not easy but there's lots of good used ones out there.

SunnySD said...

Tell me about it! I looked forever to find a saddle that fit a previous horse only to find I don't like the way it fits me.

I'm struggling with Sunny at the moment with the opposite - fits me, but not him well. Of course if he was ever actually in shape (other than round, LOL!) it might.

But there are lots of good used ones around. Just a matter of locating the right one for the two of them.