Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Ponies!

Is that a blissful expression, or what?

They got to go out for the evening. A bit of hay first so they weren't going to fill up completely on green grass.
We had to make sure the new section of fence was marked, since G adjusted one side in a bit this spring, and to make sure any stray bits of round bale twine were picked up from where we stripped it off the bales all winter, but once that was done we separated the bale feeder halves blocking the gate. The two mares currently eating at it were first through, but moments later the rest noticed and there was a mass exodus.

The first couple made it about three steps past the gate before they were nose down. The others just pushed them out of the way.

These two woolies wound up in with them, but they'll pop back out through the sucker rod at the top later on. Otherwise we'll chase them out in the morning. They were enjoying the grass just as much as the horses.

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