Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two weeks vacation, a duck, etc.

It was a wonderful, very busy two weeks. a cousin and her husband stopped by on Memorial Day on their way out to the Hills. My folks were here, which would have been fantastic regardless, but we also managed to accomplish an amazing amount. Kitchen cupboards cleaned and reorganized, flowers planted, trim painted, a large section of gutter replaced along with three living room windows.... The list goes on and on.

My sister was here for a long weekend with my new niece - my first chance to meet her, and she's as precious as her pictures. She's already 8 months old!

We also did farm chores for two sets of friends which included the excitement of escaped cows/calves on two separate occasions - both my mom and dad got in on the fun of herding the escapees back where they belonged. No pictures of that, but it was exciting.

Unfortunately, the one thing the two weeks didn't include was much horse time. Grooming and fussing, but I didn't actually get my butt on a horse until this morning. It was only five minutes bareback in the pasture with a halter, but Sunny seemed as pleased with it as I was. Too bad it's back to work for me in the morning and it will be Saturday before I can get back out there.

Let's see... we also looked at a couple of acreages, ended up with an orphan mallard ducking, test pulled a horse trailer that I think just might be THE one, and spent the last two days dog-sitting (and slipping in some much-needed napping!).

Short duck video...

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