Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend update 2: Sunny & the saddle...

The saddle - yep, had to try it - didn't work out, darn the luck.

Sunny was not thrilled at all initially, and even after he stopped walking on his tiptoes the whole works felt rolly. He's way (maybe I should spell that WEIGH!) too round, and the cinch I dragged along probably didn't help, but the saddle didn't feel like it sat down on his back properly. Even cinched up snug, within the first few minutes the pad had slipped back and wanted to go sideways.

The mosquitoes were terrible in the grass that we ended up in the driveway. Not conditions conducive for a great test, but it didn't feel good enough to keep going for very long.

Sunny's too round, too witherless, and too flat backed for this one - even when we pulled the pads and set the saddle on him "naked" it sort of floated oddly above his shoulders. Sigh.... What I have might not be perfect, but it's a darn sight better than that. Maybe I could pad him differently, but I've done that whole trial and error business too many times to want to do it again. So I guess the right saddle for the two of us is still out there... somewhere...

Form & function both get a resounding "bleh..." here.

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