Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Sorry about the sporadic posting, but between being gone most of the week, and as busy as the weekends have gotten - not to mention the lack of anything substantial to report on the horse front, well...

Ducky is getting bigger.
Soon s/he'll be going to live with someone
who has ducks.
But for now the spare bedroom
is the duck room at night,

and days are for paddling outside in a box of water.

The inside of the horse trailer is now clean and disinfected. I love trailer mats, but I don't want to move them by myself again. T helped me get them back in - or they would have stayed out!

Sunny the escape artist.
One reason why I like having
a bottle of green Tabasco sauce on hand.

The horses all had a pedicure yesterday and a dose of wormer. Thank goodness for the stiff breeze we had, because the mosquitoes are awful - all the rain is keeping the grass in, but it does have a pesky downside.

The horses were mostly good in spite of the bugs, however, although Sunny had the fidget and Sahara decided she didn't like the fly sprayer. I can sure tell they haven't been messed with much this summer.

And yes, that is a top down pic - I managed to snatch a few minutes of riding tonight. Rufus and I have a date for a ride tomorrow a.m., but I haven't had Sunny out at all. Bless his heart, he doesn't fuss if I hop on and steer him around the pastures with a leadrope - although I wouldn't bet on his manners holding if I tried heading down the road cold turkey without company after no real riding since last fall.

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Tammy said...

Must be the weekend for trailer cleaning. I got ours cleaned out, too, sans putting the mats back in. Getting ready for our horse vacation so it gets its once a year makeover.