Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snowy Day

Pre-mud pretty
We haven't seen much white stuff this winter, so it's easier to appreciate the picture it makes coating everything before it melts into the mud I know the boys are going to be wearing sometime soon. 

The tree grove where Sunny picked up all those burrs earlier this winter - all it needed was a cardinal or two.

Little glops and glitters of snow were just starting to blow off the trees - it was calm when I drove out, but the wind was picking up. 

By the time I headed back into town the trees were shedding their coats like crazy and the ruts in the snow on the road were filling in.  Unless there's more snow than the 4-5" we got, the plows don't run past the farm.  One of the neighbors down the road has a plow, and he clears the mile from his house to the blacktop, but once I turn the corner I just have to cross my fingers that the road hasn't blown in too badly, or that someone's been through before me.

The first couple of winters I lived out here before I bought Sunny, when I was just riding the farm owner's horses, I had a small car with only front wheel drive - there were weeks at a time that I couldn't get out to the farm.  Four-wheel drive is a wonderful thing!

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