Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's raining...

Actually, it's pouring, and it's (still) February!  If only barely.

I hate this kind of weather when it's just warm enough to rain but cold enough that it really should be snowing.  Every other kind of weather - well, excepting hail - I don't worry about the boys not having a roof to get under.  They have access to good shade, windbreaks no matter which direction the wind blows, and sunny spots to loaf in.  They have thick, fuzzy coats to protect them from dry cold (and almost all snow counts as "dry").

But when it's raining at 34' like it is today... I'd love to have a nice snug barn to tuck them into.  Or somewhere free enough of potential blanket snaggers that I could at least put turnouts on them.

When I checked on them this morning they were snoozing in the upper lot letting the bulk of the house and the thick coniferous wind break shelter them from all but occasional stray gusts.  It wasn't raining yet, and they were all fluffed out and pleased with themselves. 

I'm crossing my fingers that a) someone up there turns the faucet off, or b) the atmosphere cools off enough to snow.   Weather channel says snow, sleet or freezing rain through 8 PM with wind from 15-20 mph.  BLEH!!!

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