Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beautiful mornings

We helped out some friends with farm chores this past weekend so they could take a weekend away.

The mornings were chilly, but watching the sun come up was worth it.

We were down hooking up the float in the water tank one morning, supervised by four of the horses, when their heads swiveled around and then three of them took off across the pasture to tail a coyote until he ducked under the fence and headed off.

Bubbles hung out with us.  Even after we could no longer see the coyote, we could track his progress down the fenceline just watching her, unconcerned but alert.

1 comment:

Kellie said...

Oh that is lovely! Looks very frosty too!

How nice that you guys help out your friends. Sure wish we had some reliable (animal type who know what they are doing) friends to watch our horses/cows/dogs/cats/sometimes pigs. Last time we took a vacation a calf got sick and died. So now the hubby is reluctant to go ANYWHERE... sigh..