Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thunder goes to school, and Rufus comes to visit

Meet the family's new addition!

Yes, that's Thunder - and now he's really one of my boys!  My first order of business?  A month at the Eric's to really get him going under saddle.  We took him over yesterday.

We collected him - and Sunny.  My biggest worry about taking Thunder was having Sunny running the fences, so once we had the boys on board we headed over and to pick up Rufus.

I had a plan...

It was nap time when we got there.

We woke Eyore up - he was laying down behind Buddy, but popped up before I could catch him snoozing.

Rufus was sleeping, too - but unlike Eyore, he wasn't inclined to disturb himself on our behalf.

T woke him up and once he was haltered, convinced him that he really was going to have to stand up.  Silly horse!

On board for the first time in over a year - they made a circuit of the pasture before we loaded Rufus.

Doesn't he look thrilled?

At Eric's, we unloaded all three, and turned Thunder out with a small herd Eric's more easy-going horses.  

Sunny was not pleased.  Rufus was unconcerned.  Thunder was baffled, but accepted being sniffed...

 And followed...

 And sniffed some more... with equanimity.

Back at the farm, we unloaded Sunny and Rufus and walked the pair out for a tour of all the gates and fences.  All my mental fingers were crossed that the two geldings, who've been ridden, hauled and tied side by side more than once, would be satisfactory company for one another. 

Sunny called for Thunder, and Rufus looked around with big eyes, but with halters and leads on they ignored one another.  After a full tour, including hay feeder and waterer, we walked them into the bigger of the fields and slipped their halters off.  

Rufus was unconcerned.  Sunny's initial reaction was very un-sunny, but unfortunately typical of him.  But Rufus didn't appear to care. After an initial nose-sniff, he just walked off.

We watched them interact for quite a while, and everything thankfully!!! looked calm. 

They meandered around the field, nibbling at whatever green they could find, Sunny occasionally sniffing at Rufus, and Rufus continuing to ignore him.  We monitored the situation until nearly dark, and an early a.m. check this morning found them both in dozing in the sun.  So far so good!


Kellie said...

YAY! That Thunder is finally yours! and Great that you can take him to Eric's for a month.

Oh Eyore is the cutest! Looks like he was standing guard over the herd.

Sunny looks a bit cranky with having Rufus in his area. I'm sure he'll get used to his presence soon.

Looks like your weather is still pretty nice in SD. When do you usually get your first snow?

SunnySD said...

Hey, Kellie - isn't Eyore adorable? He's really sweet, too - my only complaint is he nibbles on Rufus's tail :(

Sunny and Rufus were still co-existing okay this morning, but Sunny is still a bit cranky about it.

It is still pretty warm here - some years we've had a foot of snow by this point, but last year's winter was warm almost all the way through, and this year is shaping up to be the same way. Usually though, we have some sort of big storm towards the end of October/early November. Not looking forward to it, but we can sure use the moisture!

buckpony said...

Gosh, I am so far behind. I didn't know you had added Thunder to your family - officially! I am so very happy for all of you!!! all of your guys are beautiful, but you know how much I love spots!!! Can't wait to see all of his progress!