Monday, November 12, 2012

"Can I please go home now?"

Checking on Sunny at J's this afternoon I had a few adrenaline-drenched moments when I stepped out of the truck and counted 1, 2, 3 horses and one small fuzzy burro munching away on the hill -  but no Sunny!  At first I thought he might be farther down the hill, or around the corner of the barn where I couldn't see him, but when I got closer he was still nowhere in sight.

As I climbed over the fence I called, "Sunny" more than a bit anxiously, hoping he'd whinny at me - which he hasn't done since he's been at J's.  I think he's sulking.  But even as the final syllable left my mouth I heard his high-pitched wheeeniiie and spotted him trotting(!) up the fenceline toward me.  More enthusiasm than he's displayed in a long time, that's for sure.

Completely ignored by the three horses, but stalked by Eyore, I slipped his halter on and jumped on bareback - which didn't last long, unfortunately.  I probably should have led him farther away.  Almost as soon as my leg was over Eyore made a dive for Sunny's tail.  And let me tell you, that small, belligerent long-eared critter can really move.  Every time I swung Sunny to face him, Eyore'd spin inside and end up behind us again.

I really, really wanted a lunge whip or a spare lead or something that would have worked to chase him off with, but nothing was handy.  Sunny was a star, listening to me and not kicking at him, but honestly I've seen less determined stock dogs!

After a few minutes of futile escape attempts I slid off and chased Eyore away on foot while the other three horses watched me curiously.  I probably could have gotten back on at that point, but I was already getting chilly so I collected Sunny and walked down the hill to check the stock tank.  The water wasn't down too far, but I figured I might as well fill it anyway.  Sunny was happy to hang out and be fussed over, and the sun felt good.

Tank full I thought maybe he'd be in a hurry to get back to the other horses, out of sight up the hill, but he walked along next to me with no hurry whatsoever.  When I slipped the halter back off Sunny followed me to the fence and watched while I climbed over and headed back to the truck.

"You're not leaving, are you?"
Poor pony!  He's going to be really pleased to see Rufus later this week!

"Can I please go home now?"


Kellie said...

That Eyore! He is a trouble maker! and poor Sunny he looks so forlorn.

SunnySD said...

He really is a stinker - super cute, though. I think half of it is he just wants all the attention from whatever humans happen to be handy!