Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rufus (Hunting) Report

Cell phone service in remote rural areas of SD being what it is, contact with T has been sporadic at best for the past couple of days.  The weather over the weekend certainly didn't help.  We've managed a couple of abruptly truncated phone calls and a few brief emails.

He's of course managed to provide a daily hunter vs. deer report, the news that they had 4" of snow Saturday, and he responded right away to my report on the Blazer (service engine light ='d $300+ for a new evap emissions solenoid and canister/filter due to poor design decision - the solenoid's directly over the spare tire - under the car - and it locks open sucking in dust when the stupid thing goes bad.  Grrrrr!), but not a word on the really important topic: how was Rufus doing? 

The one really good connection we had was cut off in mid-question by a hurried, "Someone just shot a deer!  Gotta go."  Click. Turned out to be a false alarm.

Finally, last night, I got a short email delivering the cheery news that a nice muley buck will be finding a new home in our freezer.  And he reported that Rufus is going just great.  Hallelujah!  LOL!


Kellie said...

LOL! YAY for Rufus doing well and the deer for your freezer!

SunnySD said...

I know - men, right!?