Thursday, February 21, 2013

And then it SNOWED!

The smart horse is in the barn
Not sure whether Mother Nature decided to take pity on us or finally got tired of all the whining about how dry it is here but whichever, we're getting some precip.  It's hard to tell for sure because of all the drifting, but I'm guessing about 9" of snow so far. 

We didn't get quite as much overnight as they'd predicted, but it picked up with a vengeance about 9 AM, the flakes got fatter and fluffier, and for the last couple of hours the trees down by the creek have been invisible.  T called up the hill yesterday and let the cow folks know we'd water for them, and they reported they'd fed extra heavy yesterday so that if they couldn't get here today, the cows would be fine.  Good thing, too, as the plows haven't been out our way yet.

T declared us snowed in and called in to work.  We'll get the driveway bladed once it slows down some.  For now we're tucked in with plenty of hay, or hot chocolate, books and lap cats, depending on our respective locations.  Not a bad way to see out the storm.


buckpony said...

All snuggled up on a snow day sounds fabulous....we just don't get near enough snow down south...Hope you guys got to enjoy it to the fullest yesterday and glad you are getting some precip - so important! Take care and stay warm!!

Kellie said...

I could stand a snowed in day too, laying around watching movies or reading a good book. Hope you didn't get too much snow though. Heard some areas got a foot and a half - yikes!

SunnySD said...

We were just SO thrilled to get a substantial amount of moisture. And it looks like maybe more tonight and tomorrow. Fingers crossed!