Thursday, February 7, 2013

Junk... And more of the same

New camera - panorama!
Haven't posted much lately, mostly because not much new has happened unless you count the latest appliance meltdown.  This time it's the dryer.  T just fixed the washer, so I guess it was jealous.  Or possibly just old - when I called to see about parts, after much debate over whether I was actually reading her the right number off the little silver metal tag, the GE hotline lady said, "Honey, that dryer has to be over 25 years old, because our database goes back that far, and that model number isn't in it."  Sigh...

We left our old one in SD, because it was old, too, but I guess not quite as "vintage" as the one that came with the house.  We've been hauling off the collection of old scrap and appliances to the metal recycling place.  [So far, I've counted 3 stoves, 1 fridge, a washer, a mixer, two irons, a coffee pot, and a bathtub... all we're missing is the kitchen sink!]  The washer went in the last load T took.  On the back in black marker it was dated 12-29-69.  I guess if the dryer is the same age, it's entitled to die.

We've been concentrating on cleaning out what the family has dubbed the Workshop so that T can get his tools put away properly.  It's a nice, big, tin-roofed, cement-floored barn-type building which apparently has become the place decrepit household stuff and "parts" ATVs have been stashed.  It's so nice that someone thought to provide homes for small rodent-type mammals

Remember these?
Of course, us cramming a bunch of crap out of the house that needed to be sorted before it went elsewhere(!) didn't help.  But we've been making progress.  Several more loads to the dump, and I got one whole half a workbench and cabinets cleaned out/off and sanded down yesterday.  Now if T's sister would just decide what she wants done with her piano....

There is some cool stuff tucked away in there.  An old table and some chairs that can be refinished, a really lovely, gilt-framed dressing mirror that's just begging for a good dusting and a spot in the house, and lots of odds and ends that make me wish I was one of the crafty people that can turn anything into the latest up-cycled junk to jewelry and what-have-you.

I loaded a bunch of old tin sheeting that had been stacked by the barn the other day.  The horses dozed through my dragging the 14-16' sheets over to the fence, sliding them under, and then squashing them as best I could to make them shorter.  It was not a quiet process.  While I went up to retrieve the truck they "discovered" the change and spent the next 10 minutes snorting at the stack of metal. 

They've been enjoying their winter vacation.  Probably a bit too much.  There's so much to be done that it eats into "fun" stuff time.  Feeding, de-mudding, barn cleaning all gets done, but not so much else.

This is the first time in... almost forever that Sunny hasn't had 24x7 free choice access to a bale, and he actually has a waist. 

Since the camera (used, ebay) arrived, and I've been figuring out buttons, settings, etc.  I love the 7x optical zoom. 

Otherwise, we're still enjoying unseasonably warm temps - sorry, to all of you currently enduring those Alberta clippers, but feel free to send us down some snow! - and praying for rain.


Tammy said...

I am terribly bored. February is the worst horse month. Too cold, too muddy, too windy, too wet, too dark, too foggy, too dreary... you get the picture.

Sunny days are coming.

Kellie said...

Bummer the dryer broke too. Did you end up getting a new one then?
IF we ever have the extra $$ (did you hear me laugh on that? cuz who ever really has the extra $$) I would like to get a set of those fancy/uses very little water efficient/up on a stand ones.

Great panoramic pictures with the new camera! What kind did you end up getting?

Fantastic progress on cleaning! Amazing the stuff you are unearthing there.
Love that old mirror. Wish I was a crafty gal too.

Good looking waist on Sunny lol
Hope you find some time to ride soon.