Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cats & rain

Had to begin with a quick cat update.  My mom can't stand not being able to monkey with the outdoor cats, and her mission to get her hands on them has paid off.  Squeak is now rubbing on our legs and flipping over in the path of feet so that the tall, food providing mammals with oppoable thumbs can put them to their intended use: scritching the cat.

Miss Silence continues to be stand-offish, but will now come up in the morning and sit next to Squeak while the food hits the dish.  Progress. 

We put a new storm door on that has a full glass panel.  The indoor cats are having a ball watching the world - and growling and hissing at Squeak and Silence when they look in to see how the other half lives.

Rattle continues to be a wonderful granary guardian, and demands (and accepts) lots of attention as his just due.

No riding last night - instead we had storms.  Bringing some much needed rain so I'm not going to complain since they didn't also bring hail and other nastiness.  We had high winds all yesterday and the weather radio announcing all sorts of direness a couple counties away.

Sunny was happy to be off the schedule, but Amyra whinnied after us when we left them to their after-graze snooze.  I think she likes the extra attention, if not the actual riding.

Pictures of shiny ponies, gate progress, and (parent-painted) cavaletti, coming soon.


Cindy D. said...

Even the most feral kitties can't resist the Mom's of the world!

SunnySD said...

So true - lol!

Kellie said...

That is great the she is taming the all the cats - she must have a little cat whisperer in her.

I was wondering if you guys were getting hammered by all those storms. Talk about an active/scary week. My Mom and Gerry saw two tornados form and do their up and down thing from their living room window the other night. Thankfully they were moving away from them! I'm like what were doing watching them!! HIDE!