Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shot reaction & pony rides

Here I was so pleased that all the ponies were good for their shots and nobody tipped over twitching (a fear that lives in the back of my mind whenever I stick them), and when I went out to feed the morning after I noticed Amyra was pan surfing.  She couldn't seem to find one that she liked, which since everybody gets exactly the same amount and mix, was a little odd.

I checked necks for bumps and heat with no surprises, haltered and headed up the hill.  Turned them loose and three heads went down to eat.  And one did not.  She could turn her head/neck a limited amount in both directions, but she couldn't or wouldn't lower it enough to graze.

I've never had a horse have that particular reaction before, but apparently it's fairly common.  No heat or swelling.  She could reach the water, and didn't seem otherwise distressed so I let her be.

After work she was still stiff, but when I put hay in the feeder she could reach it well enough and ate with a good appetite. She was gradually better yesterday, but still reluctant to lower her head all the way to the ground so I gave her a gram of bute last night - anti-inflammatory - and  she was back to normal this morning.  Chalk it up to good luck and being wiser for the experience!

I did a single 5-way with West Nile this year for the first time, thinking it would be less poking for them and less stress for me.  Always before I've done the West Nile separately.  Did some reading, and Amyra's reaction isn't uncommon with multiway/multiple shots given all at once.  I think next year I'll go back to multiple shots spread out over a longer period of time, which is what I've always done before with no problems.

On the family front, my niece R is having a grand time "riding" - she's thrilled to be led around, clutching a bit handful of mane tightly in both hands and grinning fit to split her face.  (With an adult right next to her holding on so she doesn't slide off.)  So far Sunny, Amyra and Rufus have all been very accommodating.  Thunder was not so keen on the idea.  He's not entirely sure people that short won't bite.

Several of the cats had similar concerns, but the indoor cats have all come around.  Rattle is still in OMG, hide! mode whenever she appears.  She isn't trying to chase or be rough, but she moves fast and she's excited.  Like the indoor critters, he'll figure out she's not interested in picking him up or chasing eventually.

And that's the news from here... OH!  And we had nearly an inch of rain over the last three days.  Hooray!!!!


Kellie said...

Yay for the rain!

Glad to hear that Amyra is going to be alright. I always worry when sticking them too that they'll flop/fall over or some such.

How fun that your niece is there too and enjoying riding.

4RRanch said...

Sometimes after a reaction you will see an "event line" (ring) growing out with the hoof. It would be interesting to watch for on Amyra. Glad it was a minor reaction.

SunnySD said...

I'll definitely have to watch and see if one develops. We had a horse react badly to penicillin once - vet administered after a nasty abscess - and she developed a huge bump on her neck. She didn't get the rest of the series, needless to say.

But this was a new experience.