Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(Still) Not liking the time change

Did I really last post November of 2013 (!) Don't ask me how it got to be that long ago, I have absolutely no clue. Good grief!

First things first: all is well on the home front. We've had a couple minor catastrophes and there is a bevy of new critters underfoot, but it's been a relatively quiet year all-in-all.

A quick recap, with more detail to follow:
  • T came home safe & sound from foreign parts.
  • Rufus lacerated his right hind hoof, resulting in the year's only equine vet-visit.
  • We now have a flock of chickens (and one - remaining - duck).
  • And 7, 8, 7 cats.
  • I once again did not show at the county fair. I did, however, attend a 3-day Buck Branaman clinic. Wheee!
  • The ponies are sane, healthy (barring Rufus, who's amazingly sound, but still sporting a hoof-wrap) and remain as round as ever.
More to come soon - I promise! - with pictures :)


Kellie said...

Hello again! I'm so happy to hear that you are well and that your hubby is home safe and sound! YAY for only 1 vet visit - knock on wood! Looking forward to more news :)

SunnySD said...

Thanks, Kellie :)