Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A napping kind of day

Yesterday was gorgeous. You can't beat South Dakota when the weather's fine, and yesterday certainly qualified, especially for January. Life, as it often does, scotched my afternoon plans, (isn't there a saying that life's what happens while you're making plans?) in that I didn't actually get to spend as much time with the ponies as I wanted, but I did get out to the farm in the daylight at least, and with a few minutes to spare for enjoying.

It was nearly 40', no wind, and lots of sun - just lovely. In spite of all the clamor and commotion sweeping the nation as Obama took his oath of office, the ponies were completely undisturbed.

When I pulled up and parked G was moving ewe-new lamb pairs & trios - lots of twins this year, as always - from barn to barn, and the baa-ing and bleating was echoing off the buildings. Outside, the market lambs were bolting crazily about in their lot in celebration of whatever sheep celebrate, and the older new lambs were hopping here and there, anxious mommas close behind.

The horses were unfazed by that noise, either.

Thunder was stretched out flat, sunning, and three of the others were curled up like dogs, noses resting just barely to the ground. Two more were perfect four-poster-ponies, eyes hazy and ears lax enjoying the afternoon warmth. The remaining two were picking half-heartedly at the hay bale, hipshot and lazy. I almost hated to interrupt their afternoon siesta. And I wish I'd remembered to tuck the camera in my pocket.

I had two whole hours before I had to get home and changed and back to work, and I figured I might as well enjoy them.

Since it takes an hour to grain and spread hay when I hurry, I had 60 whole minutes of time to play. It would have been great to grab Sunny and make tracks through some of the virgin pasture snow, and maybe tomorrow, when I will have the whole afternoon, I'll do just that.

But they all needed brushing - especially the ones who'd been laying down - and and de-haying (they get hay in the ODDEST places) and I wanted to get the lot raked while everything was still a bit softer and easier to move.

By the time I'd spread hay and brushed two, I'd shed my winter jacket and gloves, and was down to just my sweatshirt & vest. What a treat!

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

We better enjoy tomorrow-I guess winter is coming back this weekend...dang it. I am really enjoying this spring-y weather.:)