Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Of cats & other things

A couple people asked how the drop off kitten has been - he's as vocal as ever. Since all but one of the 10 still pictures I snapped ended up showing various bits of moving kitten, I finally resorted to video to keep up. As you can see, he doesn't hold still very well.
If you turn the sound up, you can hear him purring.

I took some horse pictures, too. But they ended up just plain ugly. Wrong light, weird poses - I think part of my problem was that the temperature outside was so cold the camera just didn't want to work on anything breathing.

Trees, on the other hand, hold still quite nicely. Do they breathe?
This is the tree Foxy likes to hide behind. I have a few more limbs to remove, but as you can see, they've started wearing a path around it now.

A friend on Facebook this morning was saying she wanted just one good blizzard yet this year - really? Wow... I'm ready for winter to be done - I'll even take mud & flies.

And does anyone have a good ice solution? I need to do something about the concrete like surface in the upper lot that's formed where the horses need to walk to get to the water tank.... They'd be fine if they wouldn't chase one another, but when they do it's like watching Horse-capades. Only more exciting...

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Jennifer said...

That is just awesome. Cat-purring sounds make the best mental soothers...

cool video!