Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Oh, I keep him in the bathtub."

Pony Girl's Monday Musing got me thinking, as her posts often do. Specifically, she was talking about her experiences catching up with old friends. Her description of the frequent reaction she gets when she mentions being a horse owner reminded me of this conversation....

Back before I was married, when I lived in a third floor, walk-up apartment downtown, the UPS guy - the regular, who has been known to spot me on Main Street having lunch and hand me whatever packages I might have in the truck - would schlep my boxes from Stateline Tack, Dover Saddlery, Valley Vet and wherever up the stairs (and sometimes back down, if they needed signing for).

One day, surprised to actually find me answering the door during the day, (and probably grateful that he didn't have to lug the large box containing a portable elecric fence kit back down the stairs) he asked did I actually have a horse, and getting an affirmative answer, where I kept him.

I don't know what possessed me, but I answered, "In the bathtub."

UPS guy, "Really?!" Peering around me into the living room where the four saddle racks were neatly lined up.

"Oh sure. Teaching him about the stairs was a bit of a challenge, but he's great about them now." Of course, I couldn't keep a straight face, and he's not a dim guy.

But maybe that's why he remembers me to hand packages to on Main Street....

What about you? Any interesting reactions from old friends or new acquaintances on finding you come attached to a large hairy beastie?


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LMAO...That is funny stuff!!

I never seem to be quick witted enough to come up with stuff like that.

The only time I guess ever noticing anyone's reaction to the fact I had horses was when I lived in AZ. Most everyone knew I had horses, but one day one of the ladies asked me how many I had and I said somewhere around 25 or 28. Everyone standing around just about fell over. I didn't think about it until later-that they thought I had ALL of them with me in AZ. I only had 3 WITH me, the rest were here in SD at the ranch. And of course, I technically don't OWN all of them, but the family just sorta counts everyone's horses together.

buckpony said...

This was a great story! I'm not quick-witted either, so I admire this response you gave the UPS guy!

It was nice to see you still have the orange drop out kitty. I could hear him purring loud and clear on the video! He sounded so happy!
We haven't attempted to add another kitty to our family since Molly disappeared and Sam showed up. I guess we'll stick to the 3 dogs, fish and rabbit for now. I sure do miss my kitty though.

Hope all is well in SD - and that the weather is a BIT warmer!!!

SunnySD said...

I'm usually not that fast, either - probably another reason why I like that memory!