Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Guess what we got? More snow and lots of wind...
The howling outside had the cats freaking out. But at least there was some sun, and with enough layers it even felt sort of warm. Or at least not too terrible if you could manage to stay out of the wind.

When we got to the farm the driveway was drifted in badly enough that even 4-wheel wasn't going to get us up the driveway. We hiked up. I headed out to hay the horses. G was hooking up the trailer to deliver a load of sheep, so T hopped in the tractor to get the drive cleared.

Which, of course, had to be just a tiny bit exciting.See the trailer? It was sitting half into the ditch. The driveway's glassy-ice under the snow. G turned and the trailer just started sliding. The pick-up's white, so you can't really see it, but I think it may have a new dent or two from the mailbox.

The horses found the un-sticking process must-see TV. Me? I stayed busy with the hay. It was much more entertaining from a distance - LOL! They eventually unhitched the truck and used the tractor to push the trailer back on to the road, and G headed out. I fussed with the horses and played with the dog while T finished cleaning up the driveway.

My camera has decided to do weird things in the cold. See the lower right edge of the middle picture up above where it looks sort of spliced? Well I didn't Photoshop it - and I also ended up with this one. Both of them look perfect in the previews, but when I open them...
Not sure what's up with that. Hopefully something a change of batteries and/or a new disc will fix.


Mama H said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! Your horses crack me up. And I love your B&W kitties face in the first picture. Priceless. I wish I could help you with your camera, but I don't have much to offer. Maybe due to changes temperatures between the really cold outside and warm in the house some condensation built up inside the battery compartment? I think changing the batteries would be a good place to start.

SunnySD said...

The horses are nothing if not entertaining - LOL! Camera issue may have been the cold temps (or possibly the fact that I keep stuffing it in my coat pocket, which is also a major hay catcher). I know the chaff makes me cough, so it's probably not great for electronic inner bits either. Sigh.