Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let it snow...

I hate to keep writing about the weather
but given the season,
there doesn't seem to be much else to write about!

Friday almost looked pretty - sunny, shiny....
See the cloud bank off there to the west?
It was a real low cloud.
Still, not too bad.
The drifts on the road out to the farm
are really piling up.
And the fog was moving in.
Half a mile later, no more sunshine.
At that it still looked better than yesterday.
New snow and a good strong north wind.
That's road there in front of us -
don'tcha just LOVE winter?


Mrs Mom said...

And to think I'd be willing to move BACK to Tundra type country right about now.....!

Hard time of year. Snow up to your nose up there, mud up to our knees down here.... But at least we have horses to smooch on right? (Only way I'm staying sane lately!)

Tammy said...

I swear this "CRAP" wasn't predicted. Just flurries, they said. And we had a down right blizzard today! I got 2 to 3 foot drifts by the barn again. -7 wind chills. WTH??? It has been the longest winter in my LIFE!