Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warm weekend and worming accomplished

Small puddles on the sidewalks and sloppy country roads - yeah!

Not much sun to enjoy, but still the warmer temps and no wind makes a welcome change from the deep freeze. We got everybody wormed on Friday (except Rufus - I forgot the weight tape). They were, of course, thrilled.
They're all staying pretty much in line weight-wise with the notable exception being Sunny, who I think could gain weight on air. He's a tub.

Remember that children's picture book about the pigeon and the bus? Here it's cats that shouldn't drive tractors - lol!

Saturday I remembered the weight tape and the wormer, and Rufus took his medicine with minimal fuss. He's gained just over 100 lbs since we bought him. He's a little round now, but some of that will come off this spring when he's getting ridden again.
Speaking of round - there's enough burro there for two! Eeyore is definitely NOT going hungry.
J has new calves on the ground. New enough they still look like they're covered in crushed velvet. Very cute hopping around attempting to play king of the hill in the snowdrifts.

Not much else to report - and unexciting is just fine, thank you very much!


Mikey said...

I say it's just fine. Unexciting is sometimes the best thing ever. Your life looks perfect :) And happy :) Especially Eyeore. He might be a tad too happy, lol

SunnySD said...

Closer to perfect would be having them out the back door, or not being away most of the week - but I'll sure take no excitement for now - lol!

Mama H said...

I'll take a fat horse any day! Even though are temps aren't nearly as low as yours, we had a cold snap (for us) a little bit ago and it just sucked the fat right out of our horses! All of your creatures look so content and happy!