Saturday, June 19, 2010

Momentary panic

Last night
when we got out to the farm
to check the horses
they weren't there.

G had opened the gates back to one of the middle pastures he usually reserves for the sheep. No horses on the hill sure made my stomach drop there for a few minutes, though!
After a week, Thunder's gash looked much better. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture prior to applying the salve, but it's healing cleanly from the inside forward. We'll take the hose to it tonight again, but I think it should heal without leaving much of a scar.

T wore his hat out last night, and they all had to take a good look at it. I borrowed it to see if we could get some stretchy shots - this was about the best one.

The duck continues to grow - although if the cats had anything to say about it, they'd have duck dinner!
Nunu and Ducky

1 comment:

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Wow Sunny-I have missed a lot.

I was home for a few days of that rain, we don't have anything like what you guys have gotten dumped on you, but enough that the grass looks better than it has in probably over a decade. Actually, I think the last time I saw my area look this good was 1986.

The duck is adorable. I'll trade you a squirrel for the duck. <:)