Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good-bye ladies...

News, news, NEWS, remember?

Well, yesterday three of the mares went north. A month or so ago someone contacted the farm owner interested in locating horses with Royal Zaltar breeding. He'd sold her a mare 15 years ago, and was wondering if she still had her, or knew where any of her foals might be.

The answer? There are several of the same breeding grazing right out in the front pasture.

Long story short, he came down and looked at the mares and liked three of them very much.

We said goodbye to ASA Copper Pennie, ASA Sauds Foxie, and Sauds Sahara Fyre FS yesterday morning. I (of course) forgot my camera. :( I took a few cell phone pictures, but haven't managed to get them to upload, darn it.

They loaded up like the ladies they are, and with promises of pictures and updates, and to contact her if he ever decides to sell them, they were off for new lives.

It was hard to see them go, but good to have three of them settled somewhere where they'll be well-cared for, safe and valued.

Pennie & Foxie

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