Sunday, October 31, 2010

Senior Pictures

I wish I'd thought to include horses in mine!

Friday morning I had the pleasure of helping a friend with her senior pictures - you have to love someone who says, with complete sincerity, "Well, they said I could only change outfits three times, but they never said how many times I could change the horses'!" And proceeds to organize her wardrobe (and theirs) in a completely efficient fashion.

Riding last fall down along the river we passed a giant slab of rock. C announced then that THAT was where she was having her senior pictures taken. We laughed, silly us. She was quite serious.

C brought her two rodeo horses and her reining/English project horse. (She hasn't quite decided which what they're going yet). The day was gorgeous: blue sky, light breeze, low 60's... getting to the location was a bit of a challenge, as the giant rock on a shelf overlooking the river was slightly less reachable with truck & trailer than on horseback. But dad persevered, and after a bit of route hunting and people and equipment consolidating into the truck, we made it.

Don't watch if you get motion sick easily!

My role was trotting (often literally) back and forth with tack changes and/or horse changes, fluffing tails and hopping up and down to produce properly prick-eared expressions.

Dad got a workout, too. (That's a towel on a stick he's waving while running back and forth.) NEVER let anyone tell you all barrel horses are freaky spooks. The two geldings were the definition of laid back and quiet.

Relaxing at the trailer between their shots

In fact, antics we tried to get them to look perky would have made quite a highlight reel, and I'm extremely glad I had the only other camera!

C's going to have some fabulous pictures! And I had a great time.

Finally done, heading back to the trailer.

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Tammy said...

I have one friend who is a professional photographer & another who is an amateur. Every year when my horses start getting their winter coats and they look like velvet, I so want to have pics taken with them but we never get it done. Maybe next year. Anxious to see your final products.