Monday, October 25, 2010

Injury update: Amyra goes home

Amyra's been bunking at the vet's place with Rufus and a few calves for company the last two weeks while her gash heals. She's adapted to the new environment and people like a trooper, and (unlike Rufus) took the forge noise with complete equanimity. (She didn't get shoes or a trim, since she just had her regular pedicure a few weeks back.)

I tied her up near-by where she could watch the goings on, since none of the horses at the farm have ever had shoes. Other than a few wide-eyed moments when things fired up, she just watched and hung out. So since she's been there she's: seen and heard a donkey and daily passing trains, had strangers catch her on a regular basis (so the calves could be fed without horse-interference), and had a chance to interact with horses other than the ones she was raised with. All of which she's handled really well for a horse that has minimal experience with the world off the farm.

But the gash has healed enough to take the stitches out, and while it's still cosmetically not gorgeous to look at - darn dead camera batteries! - it's healed nicely and shouldn't leave a scar. Which meant she could go home. So last night we loaded her in the trailer with Sunny (after giving them a minute to get reacquainted) and headed back to the farm.

In about two weeks she should be okay to go to the trainer. A month behind schedule, but better late than never!

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Anonymous said...

Glad she's healing up OK, and seems like some good learning experiences happened in the interim.