Monday, April 18, 2011


Some, feeling generous might call it that.

I suppose, on the bright side it's wetter, rather than whiter...
I have to say, my mood rather matches Sunny's - cranky.

The ponies remain woolly yaks,
for which I'm grateful.
But is a week or so of actually sunshine
really too much to ask?

Needless to say, no riding this weekend. The gravel roads to the farm were 6" deep in semi-frozen slop on Friday, well nie on to impassible with slush and mud on Saturday, and rutted and nowhere near to dry on Sunday. I worried about high-centering or entrenching the Blazer - should have taken the big truck, but didn't want to linger in the rain unhitching the trailer. (And by no means was I subjecting Sunny to a trailer ride over those roads for anything less than an emergency vet-trip, which thankfully we didn't have.)

Here's to some sunshine for Easter!

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