Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny's Saturday and Amyra goes to school

Yesterday we picked up T's new saddle all nicely oiled with the stirrups turned. Sunny got something too - a new headstall. Doing my spring tack check I found dry rot around the buckles on his old headstall, so it will go up to the saddler to have the cheek pieces replaced.

Sporting his new headgear...

T picked up the West Nile vaccine at the vet, and a strangles vaccine for Amyra, and we took care of that yesterday, as well. So now it's just rabies to go.

We loaded Sunny up at the farm around noon today, headed over to J's, and the three of us saddled up...
After some serious de-fuzzing!

With temps in the 50's and high clouds mixed with sun, it would have been absolutely gorgeous if not for the somewhat chilly, definitely brisk wind. But no one was complaining.

T and Rufus, enjoying the new saddle.

We covered about 8 miles.

After we got back, we stopped back at the farm, picked Amyra up and headed over for the trainer's. She'll be there until May :) Finally!

Two Arabs in a pod

You may remember, she was headed there last fall, and when we arrived to load her up, she had this:

No trace of it left now. She was a bit wide-eyed at the barn and the big box stall, but she settled in quickly enough with an alfalfa leaf snack. She's right by the door where she can see outside and her neighbors across the aisle, so it shouldn't be too traumatic.

Hopefully the weather will hold off, and we'll get another ride in tomorrow!

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